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Are nuts allowed at all? Are there any restrictions as to how much calorically should be consumed men vs woman? Can butter substitutes and spices be used? Supplements can be used for this, even if your diet and exercise is mediocre. That said, the regimen of supplements that would accomplish this would make your liver and kidneys most unhappy, as both will be affected, and the liver will be filtering most of them from your blood.

Keep an eye out! Tim thank you my buddy showed me this diet! I have just lost 17 pounds in 19 days! No lie!!! Congrats on jumping on the plan. I approach the problem differently. Rather than focusing on speeding up the metabolism via adrenal hormones adrenaline, norepinephrine, etc. Before bed, I take:. This cocktail not only aids in fat-loss, in my experience, but it lowered my total cholesterol from to in four weeks! Hi Tim- I just asked for and got your 4-hr Body book for my Birthday.

I am trying the Slow Carb diet that has been so successful for so many and pray it works for me. Questions: I think I saw somewhere that corn is ok to eat and salsa in spite of the canned tomatoes? The ingredients seem all natural enough. I am a woman, 41, in ok shape can run 6 miles if necessary , but I bulked up over the holidays, what can I expect the 1st, second, 3rd and 4th weeks?

Thanks Tim! Be VERY careful with this diet and remember as soon as you return to normal eating habits you will gain all back and more. Just stop eating. I am curious about the legumes. Should I limit myself to these listed or can I elaborate into other kinds of beans?

Also, are there any fruits or vegetables to avoid? Will this diet help me gain muscle AND lose bodyfat? I look forward to your expose on your experience. Sorry for leaving two in a row, but I have found more questions. I have been reading about slow-carb, and it says to avoid white-bread and refined cereals. I asked about tortillas because I thought the whole wrap-instead-of-bread craze was about the low carb diet.

Is there a diference between tortillas used in wraps and burritos? They have alot of information on low-GI diets and a refined food pyramid on mypyramid. My site can help with that! I find it insane not to be able to eat any type of vegtable out there. Will I have enough energy to exercise? Hey i came across ur whole lose 20lbs in 30 days and of-course i wus intrigued. N e ways since april of last year i started working out and went from weighing to now weighing , by now im obsessed with fitness and nutrition. Well i dont wanna give you my life story: but the point to all this is the whole saturdays dieters gone wild day seems to good to be true.

Can i just treat myself to one chocolate bar and maybe ice cream u know stuff i normally i wouldnt eat, or is your advice to literlly stuff myself 4 dat day??


Now I am desperate to rid this excess fat and weight and look normal again! I love my carbs, but could probably give them up if egg whites and chicken are involved. However, I hate vegetables, making the rest of the diet tough. Any particular good ones for this diet? This is a great approach. I take mg of cinnamon per day and use either red wine or apple cider vinegar olive oil to make a salad dressing on my mixed green salad mostly spinach though.

These positive effects stop at the third drink. The Jack Danials Diet works for me. Time for another drink. I read about your diet with interest. I do something similar, but without the beans, lentils etc. I have a couple of questions. Can you eat cheese and nuts with this diet?

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Especially cheese, because I like to snack a little with swiss cheese. It is with great interest that I write to you. I have recently been on a diet regime combined with Lipolytic Injections. The result was OK, but I still have at least 8Kgs to drop before finally goal weight, I do exercise regular by walking for an hour times per week. And burn quite an amount of calories this way.

The Mayo Clinic Diet: A weight-loss program for life

Question: Why is there no fish in your diet? Thank you for sharing your success with us. This post is getting out of control. Cody, excellent observations. I use vinegar on salads, cinnamon, and even lemon in drinks to lower collective meal GI. Smart lad, you are. Feel free to substitute whichever you want, but some legumes are a good ideas for sufficient calories.

Too calorically dense and still normally high GI. This diet is great for gaining muscle. Just up volume and ensure you get a good amount of low-GI starches organic whole-grain brown rice or quinoa; the latter is my favorite after training sessions. Macaroni mixed with tuna is also a great bulking meal. None of the supplements I recommended generally cause anxiety or insomnia. None are stimulants. Fruit, and fructose, are not good for fat-loss diets — period.

Fructose is easily converted into fat after it spills over from the liver. I eat one organic orange before sleep to increase HDL cholesterol, but this is not for fat loss. Cheese ideally low-fat , nuts, and occassional fried food ideally without a ton of breading are fine on this diet. Notice that all are protein-rich and low GI. Buy the books! One, I cant stand chicken Breast that isnt properly grilled.

Is it possible to grill them for a few days lets say 8 or so then jam them into the fridge and just heat them up quickly via the microwave or over a skillet for a few mins? Also Im heavily swimming and doing some light lifting, and push ups. Will this diet along with Whey Protein be enough to help my body maintain itself under this strain? Arnt those all way below the fats that you need? Im quite new to this, and greatly appropriate your help.

I would be more then glad to take some before and after photos and stick to this regiment if it can fit into my lifestyle IE, being able to slap something together quickly as a meal. Just one more question. For instance, I find gorging myself on Saturdays to be a temporary diet, not a habit one should indulge in for life. Is this also something you mention in your books? Is this how you eat all the time, or is it a temporary meal plan to reach a goal weight or bulk?

I eat like this all the time and have for 7 years. I just preschedule it to limit the damage. Tim P. I have to focus on the book launch next Tuesday! Its my second day and i simply cant wait for saturday. Should see good results. I am currently in Trinidad also and I purchased the book online. Check out the sites and you can buy the e-book to download on you computer where you can print and read it. It is one of the healthiest dishes in the world, and almost nobody who eats right in S. Korea is overweigth!

I added some of my favorite vegetables because it is hard to find theirs in the USA. Raw Vegetables Try to have multiple colors. Sooo what about something like Guinness Draught? There is some misleading information about beer containing a lot of maltose very hight on the GI scale however, maltose is mostly metabolized by the yeast during the fermentation process.

Not to mention the fact that dark beer is also rich in anti-oxidants. Both options are hard to swallow for a craft beer nut like myself, but Guinness is the lesser of both evils to me. Tim, I just lost 23 pounds last month on the most revolting diet plan ever. If I had heard about this a month ago, I would have spared myself and my family alot of misery. Also, I just preordered the book. Congrats on a living well. That Dr. Phil book is great! I went out and bought it on your recommendation Tim, because stress eating is a major problem for me.

Thanks for pointing it out. I also wanted to mention that you can buy eggs made by hens that were fed feeds high in Omega3 fatty acids. These things are passed down into the eggs the hens lay. It is a good and relatively inexpensive way to get additional omega3s into your diet.

Frank, this diet is very healthy. Everyone can benefit from a diet like this. Eating this way will even out bloodsugar, provide lots of phytonutrients, is high fiber, and offers quite a few essential fatty acids. I personally would consider this a method of eating that is sustainable for the rest of your life which will also probably be a considerably longer life eating this way. The reason being that protein can be converted to glucose from what I understand.

Fat however, cannot. Your body can burn fat directly. This is why some diets like atkins stress lots of fat in the beginning. They mix up ketosis with a dangerous state caused by kidney failure called ketoacidosis. Not the same thing. Also, there has been no record of a low carb, high protein diet causing kidney failure in a previously healthy individual, ever. Bottom line, if you are only moderately overweight i.

For more information, pick up Dr. I highly recommend it. Most folks seems to miss Dr. It kind of tears you down and builds you back up in a healthy way. It also stresses whole foods and lots of vegetables. I am very active, training for a muay thai kickboxing fight in Nov. So far I am very pleased with this diet, I weigh myself every morning and each morning, I have lost another pound. I have also modified the diet somewhat. For example I do not limit myself to the veggies that are recommended above… I eat a salad with oil and vinegar mainly.

For my post workout meal I like to eat a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread, and a chocolate chip cookie so I do crave it later or some fruit I really feel that fruits are vital to good nutrition… and I happen to really love mangos and cottage cheese all small proportions. I can say that I have been feeling very hungry between meals and I know that my caloric load his drastically decreased due to this diet. However, I have not seen a drop in my training performance, which is surprising as I have normally felt fatigued during low carb diets.

I am also trying to lift weights or do some form of cardio for at least 20 mins a day, but normally I train at least an hour a day. This diet is not for the faint of heart. Wish me luck. A thank you to TIm for a glimmer of hope — something that seems doable. I also want to say thank you for giving me the impetus to DO something. Sounds hard though. Who am I kidding? I used muscle milk protein powder 3 times a day to get the protein I need 1 gram per pound of body weight.

Any problems? Thanks for getting back with a reply. It would be virtually impossible right now, as I routinely put in hour weeks between grad school and work. I wish you absolutely the best in your quest to stay healthy! Your thoughts? Frank, I would think that any non-starchy vegetable would be ok.

He probably has almost the same exact grocery list from week to week. It looks like it has about 10 grams of carbs per serving not counting fiber. Beans, becuase of their high fiber content and high protein are not going to cause a massive spike in blood sugar. Have you ever tried quinoa? This is a seed from south america that was a staple food of the Incans. It is a pretty good slow carb food. Also steel cut oats with some kind of protein powder might suit this purpose for breakfast.

Also Randy, does this dislike of beans extend to all beans, or can you stomach black beans? How can I adapt this diet to suit me? This is probably a dumb question, but is it okay to have a bit of butter with the vegetables, or are they best eaten dry? Also, I do see the logic of keeping things simple. On the other hand, I usually have a nice garden every summer, so I tend to have a variety of veggies on hand. Ghee is clarified butter.

Ghee is very good for health and also it lowers LDL cholesterol. I get horizon butter and melt it slowly for 15 min till it changes it color to light brown and store it. Ghee has lot of importance in Indian foods. Infants are always fed with ghee mixed with everything. Ghee also improves memory. The difference BTW ghee and butter is their chemical structure carbon bonds.

Ghee is super healthy and i use ghee daily. If u are using ghee , lessen your olive oil. Any suggestions are welcome , especially TIM. Gardening is great. You get so many rewards from it. Excercise, lots of sun, fresh air, and great food. Also, from a pure biological perspective, the wider variety of food an organism eats, the healthier that organism usually is.

We are an adaptive species. The idea is to eat good, natural sources of protein, lots of veggies, and slow carbs. You can mix and match to your hearts desire and with whatever you have on hand. Its a no brainer. You start your day off right, build up some positive momentum, and its easier to make good choices the rest of the day. Its all about insulin and blood sugar control. Its not about how much fat you eat. Butter never killed anyone. Stress and white bread? I was wandering if I could get some contact information, so I can send you some of my questions.

Just need some help getting my feet underneath me here. Thanks man. Okay, so I am changing my eating habits starting today Sunday, April 29th. I had my pig out day yesterday. My husband and I are enjoying your blog and we just ordered your book last night. My husband has 3 motnhs left in the Air Force.

We are very excited! He has started a business of his own and we are very happy that we found you to help guide us on this path of giving ourselves and our kids the life we have dreamed of. More time with the family is a big reason he is getting out of the military. I prefer to eat the majority of my calories through bread, pasta and rice. I have about a 5. I do run a lot, as well as cross train a lot; any time that I stop workout out, I lose weight too fast and have trouble getting it back.

I like the concept, though, and will certainly plan some meals around it. According to bodybuilding legened the late Mike Mentzer, a calorie is a calorie. I personally find it much easier to stick to a high carb diet where I control my calories. My complete exercise plan also consists of resistance training and walking for 45 minutes every day and I am happy with my results so far.

The Keto diet is a god-send. Eating increased fats healthy, mind you and reduced carbs —no beans even— can harbor roughly lbs per week lost. Stick with roughly 20g or less a day. My lifts have greatly increased, too. Anyone looking to lose fat fast MUST try this. Butter, olive oil, cream cheese, avacados, etc are all your friend on this diet. It also helps to increase test production in males.

I have to ask and am surprised after 63 posts nobody has yet but if we can at least agree that weight loss is primarily an equation of calories in versus calories spent, we can, right? Tim, bought the book today after seeing your FSB write-up this weekend. Already turned about 5 others onto it.

Thank you! Wish me luck, okay? Can you suggest any other foods that will work in the place of the beans? Is the purpose of them in this just to get the caloric content up? If so, would I be ok in substituting more protein and fat in place of the beans? Can you really eat any starch that you want if its right after a workout? So, for example, if I spent a half hour doing bodyweight exercises like squats, push ups, pull ups and the like would it then be acceptable on this plan to go out and have a big cheese burger and fries?

It took me 2 years to lose 65 pounds. I was looking great and then last August I had a heart attack. Is this diet O. I have regained 20 pounds and feel myself losing ground. I am not as active anymore and I find that the medications are making me have some water weight gain and I am craving sweets. I know I will get back on track and am reading articles on ways to lose the pounds. Do you have any recommendations for a women in my situation.

26 Weight Loss Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based

I am 52 years old. I do not want to go to weight watchers but feel a buddy system would work for me. Thanyou for the good info and pictures in your article. I found it to be a fresh look for me at a way to start back on the weight loss plan. Thanks so much for getting the word out there about ways to do this sensibly.

I love your regimen. I am 5ft 6ins and weighs lb. Most of the weight is in my stomach. I do not know if this diet would help my stomach or will it take fat off of my entire body. Do you think that I can loose the fat off of my stomach from this diet? Just a little update…today is tues, started changing eating habits sunday. I have lost 6 pounds already!!

I accused my husband of messing with the scale. Late in the evening around 10 I have been getting pretty hungry, but I just pour myself a glass of wine and forget all about it. I absolutely LOVE hummus hommus with cut-up raw veggies like cucumbers, peppers, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. So much so, in fact, that I could probably eat it every day and not get tired of it. Do you think it would be OK to eat that much hummus and veggies?

I would still throw in eggs, chicken breast, and some beans every now and then?? Of course, I would also look forward to the freebie day! Or at least do it anonymously. Ummmm… yay for google? Still, some good points, or rather, reminders. Or save it for after workouts? But, I read further… They put corn syrup in the bread over there?

Congratulations on an interesting and stimulating post, Tim! Your weight loss plan is very effective because it makes sense biochemically and you have succeeded in customizing it to your needs and tastes. I agree that the slow carb approach is much more effective than just eating the typical American diet and counting calories.

Controlling insulin is a key principle to remember when trying to lose weight. Automating your food choices is a great plan. It obviously worked for you! I hope the results are still positive. I also weight train and would like to preserve as much muscle as possible during my cut. I have been doing mostly low carbs. About 7 months ago I started my diet.

I also fast one day a week. I went from to and then I kind of went off the diet. I have to say when I read about this diet there was no way I thought it could work—at least for me. My metabolism is slower than a tortoise running uphill. But what the heck. Lots of beans, eggs, I eat the yolks and chicken. I also have the occasional whey protein shake.

This Sunday I had oatmeal, bananas and raisins and a bagel for breakfast. For lunch I had a sandwich, and for dinner sushi. I lost one pound for the week. I knew there was no way I could lose 20 lbs. Tim, you exclude rice from your diet but I thought that rice was a slow card diet.

Many professional body builders have rice and chicken as principal constituents of their diets. Hey there Tim. I stumbled across this and it seems promising. I have 30 days until a much anticipated vacation, and though it has been planned for months my attempts for weight loss have failed. I have printed your rules and plan on getting on the serious boat first thing. However I was wondering about having that combination each time in a meal.

Such as the eggs, beans and veggis. I raely eat breakfast and when I do its been a peice of toast or fruit. I am not sure if I can eat all of it. Also are we not allowed fruit!? I have looked at many websites about weight loss et c. If you know of such a site I would be interested to look at it. Are there any bread-ish foods that can be eaten? I really want something I can bake in bulk with my bread machine if possible. I actually craved vegetables.

I ate a lot of white rice and garden burgers. After my runs, I would drink a half gallon of OJ and eat 3 bran muffins. Still lost weight. I love beans. I also miss my smoothies lowish carb of course, with strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, whey, yogurt, pomegranite juice, and cocoa powder — it was an antioxidant coctail. He did this after going from lbs to lbs with diet and intense exercise. He is having a hard time though keeping the weight off even though he is consistently competing in marathons, triathlons etc… Would this diet be okay for him with how much he competes? I do not recommend eating whatever you want or cheating once a week.

I myself did this and eventually I feel off my diet and gained my weight back. I will continue doing this until my body fat levels are lower. Once they are lower, I will refeed more often. Also, whether you choose to refeed or cheat, obese individuals should do it every two weeks to see faster results. Thank you Renee!!! I have been low carbing for about 8 years now. The refeeding makes so much sen se to me!

I plan on incorporating it… As guessed, lc has leveled out for me and I seriously needed a boost for my eating lifestyle. Renee, I agree with you. I have a cheat meal once a week. Kind of a two steps forward, one step back type of thing. Now that I am refeeding instead, my period has returned to normal. Serve cold or at room temperature. May be covered and stored in the refrigerator for several days.

I would also like to know about vegetarian alternatives. Yes, of course there are vegetarian and vegan ways to lose weight in a healthy and quick way. This website does not have the only or necessarily the best weight loss solution. No one strict program works for everyone. If you are on a diet that is not focused on or supported by this workout plan in your case, vegetarian then research other ways- from reliable sources- to safely lose weight.

Also which day is best to do this on? Considering that I am guessing the Saturday when you eat what you want would tend to be an above average day for calories compared to the other days when you are restricting your diet to low-GI and high protein. The only mentions I can find are other people saying to do it, not a direct quote from Tim. Maybe this works better for the guy who is building up, rather than the girl who just wants to sleek down. Heavy on the puff! Rule 2: Eat the same few meals over and over again The most successful dieters, regardless of whether their goal is muscle gain or fat loss, eat the same few meals over and over again.

Mix and match, constructing each meal with one from each of the three following groups: Proteins: Egg whites with one whole egg for flavor Chicken breast or thigh Grass-fed organic beef Pork Legumes: Lentils Black beans Pinto beans Vegetables: Spinach Asparagus Peas Mixed vegetables Eat as much as you like of the above food items.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Thanks Sherry Email: sherrylee27 hawaii. I teach people how to lose 1 pound a day Anymore is unhealthy and although possible is generally unhealthy unless you are extemely obese If you need help, call me: Darrell I can also help with with gradually improving your overall health.

The only foods you should cook are meat, poultry, fish, beans, rice, eggs and a few others If you eat raw veggies as your main source and walk 2 miles a day Not as far as it sounds , you will lose 1 pound a day. Hi Chris and Aaliyah, For breakfast you could try oatmeal cooked with water. Oh and drink LOTS of water! Drink water, stay calm. Simple lifestyle changes are the key to success, because they are the only way to ensure that weight stays off. We have all become accustomed to huge plates filled with food at every meal; however, experts know that simply controlling how much food you consume is among the best ways to lose weight.

Focus on all of the wonderful foods you can have and the new recipes and dishes you can try. Revel in how wonderful it feels to be in control of your life. And remember, positive thinking includes cutting yourself some slack and being kind to yourself. Keeping a record of what you eat puts it all in black and white. Food records highlight patterns you might not have picked up on otherwise, allowing you to substitute better habits for older, destructive patterns.

And the best news? When you plan out your meals and snacks in advance, you eliminate much of the danger that comes from last-minute, hunger-based decisions. No matter what your day is like, keep moving. Walk to the corner store instead of driving, stroll the neighborhood after dinner or take a few fast stair runs at lunch.

Just do something to keep moving. For the next two weeks, challenge yourself to apply the following 12 steps of pure energy in your life. Living by these 12 principles will motivate you toward achieving your weight loss goals — not to mention an extraordinary quality of life. Supplement your diet with the essential fatty acids your body needs Omega 3, Omega 6 using the following options:. Your ideal food pyramid should consist of 70 percent live foods, 10 percent quality fish or plant-based proteins, 10 percent carbohydrates and 10 percent quality oils.

During this two-week plan, dramatically reduce or completely eliminate these four poisons from your life:. Having the right tools on hand to affect major changes to your body and your life makes all the difference. The Body You Deserve is a day audio coaching system designed to help you recondition your mindset to create more vitality and achieve your healthiest body weight.

The Path to Weight Loss is a video program which focuses on the weight loss journeys of four women who struggled with weight loss for decades before experiencing moments of clarity working with Tony Robbins. Each of these women discovered that she had the power to achieve the physical state and emotional fulfillment she was looking for by breaking through old patterns and cycles. This program is designed to help you do the same thing, achieving lasting progress and improved results in all areas of your life — including your weight loss goals.

Your mindset and attitude are the most important element to mastering your weight loss plan. Your thoughts can take you all the way to the finish line or stall you before you start. You can follow through and get it done, but only if your thoughts are with the program. Always remember that when negative thinking happens, negative results follow. In Awaken the Giant Within , Tony Robbins points out that even the American English language can feel stacked against you: there are more than 3, words we use that relate to human emotions, and 2, of them are negative!

Think of this another way: You have a thousand positive choices! If you have a child, you teach them how to swim. And you want them to enjoy the water and being outside. Teach yourself to think positively. Learn a new pattern to keep yourself healthy and progress to the next level of your life. Stress impacts your health in many ways, but several that are linked to weight loss and exercise include:. This means that reducing stress is a key component of your weight loss plan.

The great news is that by following these 13 keys to weight loss, you will naturally be on the road to reducing stress for good. Changing your diet, staying active and making positive thinking a way of life all mean lower stress levels that last. By entering your information on the Tony Robbins website, you agree that we may collect and use your personal information for marketing, and for other purposes, as set forth in our Privacy Policy, which we encourage you to review.

Login Email:. What can we help you find? Sign Up Now. Read More. Get Tony Robbins' articles, podcasts and videos in your inbox, biweekly. Now our cue is still the same — Something needed to be associated with getting work started. The routine is different — This time, I decide to set a loud E. And the reward is the same — Work gets started quickly, and a sense of accomplishment is felt after being productive.

Do you need a cigarette or a cookie? No, you need to take a break. So we mistake that for a cigarette craving, or we crave the physical break that a cigarette break provides. Imagine how many bad habits you are potentially forming without even realizing it?

How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Many of us just casually walk over, open the fridge doors, and stare for 30 seconds before wondering why we even went. Habits needs to all start with awareness. Forget willpower and discipline. They take far too much effort. And most things that take you a ton of effort have a much lower life expectancy than things you just want to do that are easy or effortless. Instead, focus on the effortless power of habits — healthy eating, after all, becomes just another routine after a while.

On a weekly basis I eat zero sweets and watch zero TV. Yes, not even an hour. Do I have massive willpower or discipline? People still wrongly assume that. Forming habits consciously takes work but when the habit is formed your subconscious mind takes over it becomes automatic. More people need to focus on building healthy habits rather than looking for the next silver bullet. Totally agree. People LOVE looking for the next tips and tricks for fat loss… which is a shame, because there will always be someone there to sell them that.

I was searching for something to ease my terrible backpain while I was on a trip, had no access to my chiropractor and needed relief. I started doing all the exercises you recommended, my favorite lying on my back breathing through my stomach and letting my back fall into the floor. Take it a day at a time, and keep me posted with your progress okay? Hi , I have a long term back problem , which had settled down when i retired a couple of years ago. I needed a shoulder operation and whilst I had my arm in a sling , I bent over to pull a mat and had a small twinge in the right lower back , this resulted in months of quite bad pain , it did improve but then I was playing games on a wii and was leaning and squatting slightly towards the bad right side.

I then had a further few months of bad pain , it settled down , although I was never entirely free of pain. I went to a chiropractor and their manipulation gave me tingling in my legs feet and even my arms , I stopped going and eventually they went. Throughout all this one thing never changed , I cannot sit for very long without causing worse pain and soreness , which lasts for days. I am very active , walking miles a day but being retired i have a lot of time when I sit.

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I have also given myself bursitis behind my knees by kneeling for too long , this I have had 4 months and it will not go , so if you know anything that would help this I would be very grateful if you would tell me. Are you mostly sitting throughout the day or are you somewhat active? Is your back still hurting on the lower right, or does it also hurt in other places doing other things?

I have understanding of your idea, behavior, or what ever one might call it it is so good and refreshing. It is something I joke about to prove your point is that I will screw up your morning if I move your toothbrush. One can understand why pro athletes have so many individual coaches. Keep up the great work.

You are absolutely right. Coaches help ingrain those new habits, break the bad ones, and constantly help provide feedback. Great article! I completely agree with your premise about diets being a habit.

The Best Ways to Lose Half Your Body Weight

But what you presented about identifying cues seems so overwhelming to me. Ahh yeah I totally hear you. Here would be my suggestion: pick something specific and isolate it. So you said you get the urge to snack from being bored at work: when are you bored, and why are you bored? Did you not eat a big enough meal? Is your work boring itself? Do you bring too many snacks? Isolate the smallest thing and focus on changing that. Same with your energy — why do you have low energy in the first place?

What are some small tests you could do to have more energy? Lack of something in your diet? I dont think its necessary to thank you, but this is helping like crazy!! Ive been doing this for an hour so far and I pulled of many pushups and pullups, and never ate a single sweet, its like the crave for extra fuel is the fuel! If I can keep doing this for a few months, I might get ripped, no kidding! I think this should be spread to everyone who wants to get ripped, this is the answer!!!

Alexander, you are a genius. On a vigorous exercise regimen, and a very healthy diet plan. Fid myself eating for no reason, not even hungry sometimes ad eventually feel depressed, and unmotivated to even exercise. Want to lose 7 kilos to be at a good weight.