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Faith operates in love, and is in turn motivated and inspired by love. Faith becomes the power that drives the attitude of love. Did you realize that faith is a tool in your hands giving you an ability to do things? Learn to put your faith to work in the circumstances of your life.

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Let love inspire and motivate your faith and faith empower your love for others. Ask the Spirit of God to help you put your faith to work. Pray that the love of God will grow in your heart towards those around you. Bruce, F. The Epistle to the Galatians: a commentary on the Greek text p. Grand Rapids, MI: W. Eerdmans Pub. Here the picture is of a runner who was doing well until someone cut in and knocked him off stride.

This is what the Judaizers had done. It is sobering to realize that all of us are either helping or hindering our friends in their race for the Lord. It pulls us away from God. This is the logical consequence of a bad example. Paul wants the Galatians to know that though the Judaizers claimed to be speaking for God, it was not true.

It leads to other errors. Here Paul reminds them that one act of disobedience soon leads to another. Just as you have to tell a second lie and a third and a fourth to cover up for the first lie, even so one sin even a small one leads on to other errors. In this case, taking even a tiny step toward the law soon leads to total enslavement. It produces spiritual confusion. It seems clear that Paul did not personally know the Judaizers who were misleading the Galatians.

He only knows that they will be judged by God for teaching false doctrine to impressionable young Christians. Their emphasis on circumcision had led to enormous spiritual confusion and caused many of these new believers to waver in their trust in the Lord. It removes the stigma of the Cross. Paul could have avoided the controversy that dogged his steps if only he would stop preaching the cross of Christ as the only hope of salvation. If only he would start preaching circumcision, his critics would be happy and would leave him alone. But that was something Paul would not do.

The cross was the center of his faith. Let others preach circumcision. He would preach Christ crucified. Why would anyone exchange that for the tattered rags of a failed legalism? Some did not want to hear that message so they attacked the messenger.


The world has not changed its opinion in 2, years. The cross is still repugnant and offensive. In the last few years news reports have told of employees being threatened with dismissal if they wear a cross to work. I heard of that happening to a chaplain here in Oak Park just a few weeks ago.

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But that should not surprise us. The cross is always controversial and there will always be those who are offended when we boldly proclaim the cross of Christ. Never be ashamed of the cross of Christ. Never fear to own his name in public. Never back down when questioned about what you believe.

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If anyone gets angry, let it be those who do not love our Lord. But let the people of God rally round the cross of Christ and there proclaim the message of salvation. I suppose someone could ask why we are so insistent on what we believe. Why do we fight so hard for the truth of the gospel? I find the answer in Galatians For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love. All that we need comes from him.

The righteousness we need is found in Christ. And that righteousness comes to us by virtue of his bloody death on the cross. The only thing that matters is true saving faith that expresses itself in a life motivated by love. We will gladly discuss lesser issues, such as the proper mode of baptism, the correct form of church government, and the timing of the rapture in relation to the tribulation. But where the gospel itself is concerned, there can be no compromise.

We believe the gospel of the New Testament—that Christ died for our sins, that he was buried, and that he was raised on the third day. We believe that apart from true faith in Jesus Christ there is no salvation and that no one can be saved who does not trust in Christ.

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We preach salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. In this we stand with Protestant believers of every stripe and of many different denominations. We will not water down the message and we will not back down simply because some people find the gospel offensive. We seek to live in such a way that our conduct makes the gospel beautiful. But we will not change the message to conform to the political whims of the day. Circumcision seems like a minor issue, and it is until it is made into a requirement for salvation.

Nothing can be added to the value of the blood of Jesus Christ as the ground of acceptance with God. In the end it is faith in Christ that moves the heart of God. And it all comes as a free gift from heaven on the simple and single condition of wholehearted trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Her mother was ill and although she was very religious, she did not know Christ as Savior.

There were various family issues that made the situation more difficult. For a long time, nothing seemed to be happening.

Faith Works By Love

Then a few months ago, word came that her mother was beginning to listen to the message of the gospel. Yesterday morning when I came to the church, I saw a large group of people in the parking lot. Walking over to see what was happening, I encountered the young woman. Indeed it is. Every conversion is a miracle, but sometimes the miracle is very obvious. John Now I ask this question to people who have been professing Christians for a long time.

Are you doing the 'works of Christ'? Can you 'boast' of having faith and being saved and yet at the same time manifest no good works in your life? Look at the apostles and disciples of Christ. Did they simply boast about having faith? They laboured day and night for the gospel and allowed Christ to perform His works in and through them.

Look at our church pioneers. Did they simply boast of 'faith'? They too laboured day and night for the gospel, allowing Christ to work in them. They all had true faith - a "faith that works by love". Colossians And let us not be weary in well doing : for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Titus This is a faithful saying, and these things I will that thou affirm constantly, that they which have believed in God might be careful to maintain good works. These things are good and profitable unto men.

Galatians 5:6

Why did Paul 'labour more abundantly' if he preached a 'believe only' message? It is because he did NOT preach a 'believe only' message. It is faith that compels us to work. Our own works cannot redeem us from sin. Only faith in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ can save us. Philippians Now this is the key to this whole message. We are to have the mind of Christ. Now what did the mind of Christ do when He was on earth? He surrendered self, had complete faith in His Father, kept the Father's commands perfectly, performed the Father's works, healed the sick, preached the gospel, and much more.

Now is the mind of Christ any different now than it was then? The works that Jesus did John So we can see that self needs to be crucified in order to have the mind of Christ and Him living in us through faith. A living faith is one that allows Christ to dwell in us, surrendering self and the world, and allowing Christ to do His Work is us. A dead faith is one that James spoke of. Now there are some who worry about works and worry about whether they are doing enough works to be saved.

Their thoughts are on 'works', rather than on Christ Himself. And this kind of thinking will get us nowhere. We need to fix our minds on Christ in order to work, because as Christ said Himself Brethren, don't be so anxious about works; find the Lord Jesus Christ and you will find work, more than you can do. Satan does not care how much a man professes justification by faith, and righteousness by faith, so long as he keeps his mind on works.

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