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FACT CHECK: Man on Crystal Meth Kills 12 Neighbors, Thinking They're Zombies?

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National Geographic's "Drugs Inc." goes deep in the meth trade.

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The twisty history of paternity testing. Trending Susan Collins: So much for "pro-choice". He was waiting, as well, to beg a few crumbs of the drug off his mother so he could nod out on the couch while watching cartoons on cable. As we sat there, and the expected delivery kept getting delayed, Nick rambled on and on to himself about the devil inside his head.

His monologue fairly creeped me out, and I half thought his diatribe was simply meant to intimidate me, or present some front of moral equanimity in the face of a looming drug relapse. Whatever the purpose, I wished he shut the hell up and whispered as much to Sandy when the kid was distracted.

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She looked at me, wide-eyed and afraid, and shook her head. His relapse went off without a hitch and I was soon afterward able to find my way into the rooms of recovery.

The saddest part of his story, however, had yet to be written. Three months after his devilish monologue, he died of a drug overdose, one of the many lives lost locally to opiate oblivion. The saddest part? Everyone I knew who knew him said good riddance. Yet I thought of a child once loved bereft of his mother even as everything he knew burned in a constant chaotic conflagration. You are not yourself.

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In fact, the only true way to battle back into your body as pilot and navigator is to undergo what psychologist Carl Jung describes in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous as a transformative spiritual experience. This is not something you can find on the Internet, or scrawled on some bathroom wall somewhere. Often it involves complete degradation and collapse — what they call hitting bottom.

There's also an interview with members of the "Asian cartel that's been poisoning San Francisco with meth for almost 25 years," the show reported. There are six safe houses in the city, presumably in the Tenderloin and South of Market, two areas which the "cartel" supplies.

Drogen-ABC: Warum Crystal Meth Menschen in Zombies verwandelt

They also supply the Richmond and the Sunset Districts with their "10,square foot" meth "superlabs," which produce about 25 pounds of the product a week. Privacy policy More Newsletters. admin