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Christina Rossetti: Poems

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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During their daily visits to a nearby stream, the sisters are pestered by a band of mischievous goblins. The dubious creatures attempt to peddle various kinds of fruit which serve as an especially alluring temptation for the young girls. When one of the sisters makes a misguided decision, the other must brave a traumatizing barrage in order to save her.

Christina Rossetti was born on December 5th, in London, England.

A Short Analysis of Christina Rossetti’s ‘Goblin Market’

Educated at home by her mother, Rossetti showed an immediate fondness for literature Project Canterbury. She was particularly attracted to the works of British writers and spent much of her time as a youth reading works by authors such as John Keats Aires. Rossetti refused to marry her next two suitors also due to religious concerns.

She suffered a nervous breakdown in and was plagued by bouts of depression throughout her life Everett. Controversial for its social stances, the poem makes allusions to multiple aspects of Victorian society.

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  • Interpretations of its events vary among scholars, but underlying themes, such as the institution of marriage and sexuality, are evident to most readers. The story begins with two young sisters, Laura and Lizzie, walking down to a creek to fetch water. By the stream, a group of goblin merchants inundates them with offers of fruit they are attempting to sell.

    In Victorian England, social standards limited women to predominantly domestic roles.

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    Laura and Lizzie are bombarded with offers of fruit, just as many Victorian women were subjected to offers of marriage. Other commentators note that Laura and Lizzie live alone, with no parents or guardians — a rather unconventional set-up for two young Victorian sisters. Marriage in the Victorian era, as it had been in the days of Jane Austen , was often a financial arrangement as much as or even more than it was a matter of love and romance, and represented the only chance of financial stability and security for many women. Is the luscious and exotic fruit the goblins offer for sale a representation of all that is wrong with Victorian marriage conventions, or does it represent an altogether more unconventional alternative to marriage?

    Then there are the elements of sexual violence in the poem — which are offered symbolically rather than directly, but which, upon close analysis of key passages, become rather obvious.

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    Look at the way the male goblins treat Lizzie:. Words themselves are unstable, ripe like the fruit to enchant us and then unsettle us with their cunning:.

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    And then, a few dozen lines later:. Who knows? And I kept it because I liked how old it was. And later, as I read the poems, I fell in love with her poems, her imagery, choice of words.

    Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti

    I remember reading and re-reading Goblin Market and trying to make sense of it. So this interpretation is really helpful. Have you read it?

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