Letters From Heaven, Vol. 2

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Playing upon their waverings and by instilling doubt, they are able to bring on confusion and deterioration. That is why caution is advised with the new untested souls when they approach the Teaching. The brothers of darkness are very fond of brilliant intellects developed at the expense of heart, for through them they can act most subtly. Indeed, only the crudest spirits attack and make use of low consciousnesses. If small devils bother brothers—Satan himself besets hermits. Thou hopest upon the shoulders of a guest to enter My House. I know thee. Thou hast become subtle and resourceful, even more resourceful than many of Mine.

Thou has fastened thy clasps and prepared thy garments. Thou hast even studied all My expressions. But here I shall stop thee. Thou dost not dare pronounce the joy of Love. Thy joy is the joy of hatred. But behind hatred is hovering the loathsome shadow of doubt. And doubt is not worthy of a shield. I will receive thy arrows in My Shield. But if thou wilt persist. I will send thee with a smile—but one. You ask when the brothers of darkness came into existence.

Strictly speaking, they came at the same time as the Brothers of Light, from the moment that there appeared a spark of intelligence and of conscious, that is, free, will in man. With the first glimpse of discrimination comes the first concept of good and evil, and the already conscious will directs man hither or thither. But an entirely organized camp of the brothers of darkness began to function in Atlantis, during the Fourth Race. Their great battle with the Sons of Wisdom, or Light, ended in victory for the latter and in the destruction of Atlantis.

At the head of the Sons of Light stands the Archangel Michael. His adversary in the camp of darkness is Satan who still bears the name, Lucifer, although he lost the right to this name long ago ; at one time he was amongst the great Kumaras, who bestowed the light of Mind upon the poor Earth-dwellers, who lacked it. Stokes company, This legend is based on a great Truth. Thus, the Prince of the World is now fighting for his very existence. The predicted great Armageddon of our race is in full swing.

And again the Archangel Michael, with his resplendent host, is fighting against Lucifer. Of course, victory is always with the Forces of Light, but dreadful cataclysms are unavoidable. That is why the strongholds of Light are so essential-during the approaching threatening time they can give shelter to all the Forces of Light. Although the decisive moment is behind you there is still time for many children to grow old. Thus the destiny of the world is in the hands of humanity. The planet can be saved only if there is a resurrection of the spirit, only if the consciousness is liberated from the phantoms of the past and directed toward the construction of the New World on the basis of a new understanding of cooperation and knowledge.

As I have already written on these themes, I will quote from one of my letters, it might be helpful to you:. Every great Teacher, speaking of the end of the world, could not have had in mind the final completion of the evolution of our planet. For if evolution were to follow its natural course of development, the planet would enter its seventh and last cycle and its humanity would enter the Seventh Race, with all its sub-races, so that at the crowning of such an evolution there could not be a Day of Judgment.

For by that time humanity and the planet would have reached the condition of the higher worlds where there is no imperfection or conscious opposition to good by any evil force.

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But of course, the Great Teachers knew the difficult karma of humanity and the planet. They knew of the threatening danger, and therefore They had in mind the approaching removal of the race, which is always followed by tremendous cosmic cataclysms and is foreshadowed by the great sorting in advance of the final Judgment. Being Initiates, They knew that this catastrophe could become the Last Day, owing to the terrible downfall of spirituality in the human race.

Quite possibly, there may not be a sufficient amount of high counteracting, or rather, discharging energies to save the planet from the final gigantic explosion. To this explosion the Prince of the World is directing all his efforts, since he knows that in a purified atmosphere pierced by the new fiery rays, or energies, the spheres of Earth will become unbearable for him, and his continued presence here made impossible. Therefore, he strives for an explosion in order to float away on the wreck. Remember, in the Teaching it is said that precisely the spirit of man can become the exploder of the planet.

A strong spirit can save a whole area from earthquake. Thus, in the ancient days, the Great Teachers sent their advanced disciples to places threatened by earthquakes. Many naive people think that the dark ones act only through evil, corruption and crime. How wrong they are! Only crude and relatively insignificant forces act in this way.

Much more dangerous are those who masquerade under the Light of the Teaching. Ignorance and lack of intuition push many into the arms of darkness, and deprive them for a long time, if not forever, of the salutary influence and attraction of the rays of the great Stronghold of Light.

Dreadful is Armageddon—the dark forces are struggling for their very existence. Despair unites them and makes them so persistent in trying to achieve their aim. The Prince of the World has very many talented collaborators—some conscious, some unconscious—and it is foolish to think that they do not know the ways of the most cunning subtlety. They are very shrewd and inventive, and they act according to the level of their victims. But all of them lack tolerance and warmth of heart.

Thus intertwined is darkness with Light on our Earth. Many terrifying things are now practiced in the world. A great deal of the most disgusting sorcery is spread all over Earth. Of course the biggest centers of population are usually chosen by the main dark forces and are used as their centers. And their best weapon is the ignorant masses. That is why the unity of all the white and near-white forces is so essential!

Yes, the wave of evil is inundating Earth, and all the efforts of the self-denying workers of Light are needed in order to save the sinking vessel of humanity! That is why it is so extremely important to send out the sparks of Light, but at the same time to watch lest he who receives a spark, by lending it to one who does not merit it, set fire to the whole structure. The human soul is bottomless!

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And the most dreadful scourge of the soul is ambition; verily, there is not a worse foe, nor a more common one. If this viper is not checked immediately, it assumes the size of a boa constrictor. Ambition is a burning scourge for the stoutest hearts, and a terrible torture, which man cruelly prepares for himself. Once more, I welcome you in your beautiful work. In spite of difficulties, treasure the higher joy of achievement. This joy of achievement must be cultivated in oneself as well as in others.

This is most essential, since only in it lies the pledge of the salvation of humanity, the pledge for the approach of the New World! Great Spiritual Toilers and heroes are needed! Thus, create heroes! This was the farewell bidding of one of the Highest Spirits when he was leaving our planet. Let us become heroines and spiritual toilers, and we shall be taking the shortest path, until a joyous meeting. The joy of the future is ordained, but, indeed, the period of waiting at the threshold is always wearisome.

The Teaching of Living Ethics is by no means for the weak-hearted, and therefore only well-tested souls should be accepted into this group—it is quality, not quantity that counts. If there is a shortage of strong hearts, it is better not to start. One should not profane the Teaching of Light, and besides, we are not missionaries. The Teaching is rich silver ore. So many souls are looking for Light and for new values amidst the chaos of scorned and abased lofty concepts.

Letters From Heaven, Vol. 2

From all corners of the world come enquiries and pleas for more knowledge about how to join the Army of Light. That is why it is so joyous for us to carry our lamp. You write about caution, but who knows the need for it better than I? But I know also of courage, of creative daring, and first of all, of great balance.

Therefore, caution should not turn into the fear that springs from persecution, neither should daring become senseless bravado. But the sparks of Light, which kindle the new consciousnesses, should be cast into space, for otherwise where would be the guiding Principle? Without these sparks of Light, all will sink into darkness and deterioration. I know that extracts from my letter caused all sorts of comments, but what does it matter?

Praise emanating from certain types can only result in humiliation and pollution; I would therefore prefer to be attacked by them. Mark This truth has been repeated by all the hounded and persecuted benefactors of mankind, during all times and in all nations, but, alas, it will remain as strong as ever until humanity goes through the fiery baptism of the spirit. Thus, I am not afraid of anathema, and hardly anyone who is truly devoted to the Teaching and to the evolution of the spirit is afraid of it.

Hence, I shall never renounce my convictions: I believe in the Unutterable Divine Principle, which abides in each human being, and I believe in the birth of Christ in the human soul on its way to perfection. Moreover, every educated man knows the significance of the terms Krestos or Kristos Christ , and that they were taken from the pagan vocabulary.

I wrote recently to one of my co-workers about the meaning of this term, and I will repeat it to you. Krestos was the designation given to a neophyte who was on probation as a candidate for the degree of Hierophant. For the first Christians, the word Christos or Christ was synonymous with our higher Ego. In this sense, one should understand that Christ is the Redeemer of sins.

Thus, the redemption of personal sins is performed by the soul—the conductor and the messenger of Christ—perpetually, during the long chain of earthly lives of our individual Ego. In other words, Divine Love must reach down into the heart of man, conquer and regenerate the man, before he can appreciate the enormity of his offenses against Divine Law and forgive himself for the sins committed against himself, and forgiveness must be obtained to complete at-one-ment.

I dream of a new ecumenical council, which would return to the pure foundations of the early centuries of Christianity. In the wonderful books of Dobrotolubye [Love of the Good] one can find beautiful thoughts. One even comes across praise for the enemies! It is admirable that you plan to apply the Teaching in life. Verily, just as faith is dead without deeds, so the Teaching is useless without its application in life. I understand what you mean in your letter and what you would like to learn.

But I must warn you that I am against any kind of sentimentality and the rosy promises about the ease of attainments that abide in the late occult literature. Precisely they engender so many lukewarm, halfway aspirations which lead nowhere. Life has taught me how dangerous are all sorts of promises and encouragement of impossible hopes, how ruinous they can be, and how much betrayal they may cause. Therefore I do not like to conceal the reality if I see that the spirit is ready to accept it.

I would rather keep silent than lull one with rosy promises. And how can one promise anything when the key to all achievements is in man himself, and without his participation no one else can do anything for him? The Highest Teacher can help him only at a certain period when the spirit is ready to open the heart to the Call and to put into action his dormant divine forces.

However, the strengthening of these forces is possible only if the disciple constantly continues to intensify his efforts to perfect and transfigure his inner being. Collaboration is a necessary condition in everything. Therefore, you should point out to all newcomers that there are endless degrees of discipleship and of the approach to Light, and that each one can occupy only that degree which corresponds to his past accumulations; likewise, he can ascend the ladder only by his own intensive striving in the present.

But the path of Service is still more difficult, since this is the path of achievement, which requires complete self-denial. You may think that our life is easy, but if you knew the reality, your heart would speak differently. In order to bear the entire burden of the awesome responsibility and ever-growing difficulties, I affirm myself every day in joy and readiness to face the most difficult. Indeed, beauty is in self-denial.

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And now more than ever the world needs spiritual toilers and heroes, now, in the threatening days of Armageddon. But, I do not summon anyone, and you should not call the spiritually immature, because an excessive burden is not useful. Great tempering of spirit and heart is necessary, for each day brings us all sorts of trials. The strain and tension of a bearer of the burden of the New World is awful!

His work is performed on three planes; by his energies, he discharges the surrounding atmosphere, often preventing destructive earthquakes in his vicinity; he carries the burden of those who turn to him and is greatly responsible for all that is entrusted to him. Only very strong spirits can enter the Path of Service. Therefore one should never entice, or tempt by rosy promises.

Certainly, even the thorough reading of the books of the Teaching will invariably bring benefit through broadening the consciousness, thus affording a possibility for new flights of the spirit. But it is impossible to expect immediate fiery achievements and a fiery transmutation of the centers if the Teaching is applied spasmodically. The occult laws are exact and unfailing. The most exact correspondence prevails in the realm of the occult. Also, newcomers should be warned about one more occult law which is beautifully described by H.

The coming year, , which has already begun esoterically, will lay the foundation for many remarkable events. However, very few will be able to comprehend their significance. Just remember that everything happens in Inscrutable Ways; and therein is great wisdom, otherwise the dark forces would destroy all the best possibilities and beginnings.

I believe that you would fulfill a great task if you could take a stand for the defense of the Teaching. There are so many opportunities where you could say a good word, and one need not look for special occasions or deliver unusual speeches. An appropriate word, spoken at the right time, often leads to great deeds, or arrests ruinous results. And so, please do not worry too much. Strive with your heart toward the Teaching, and much will be simplified and become clear. Each luminous undertaking is created in unexpected ways.

True, the volcano is raging, and much darkness is around, but those devoted to the service for the Common Good need not be alarmed. Calamities always happen to the lukewarm ones, those who follow half-ways and are fond of half-measures. We shall not err in saying that the peril to the world lies in half-measures and in non-resistance to evil.

Verily, we live again in the times of Atlantis! Only now one should provide not an ark, but an airplane. And the best airplane is the wings of the spirit. Courageously accept vigilance, and strong faith in the Leading Hand will carry you over any and all abysses. The feathers of fear pull us down, whereas the wings of courage carry us over the abyss. Thus, let us be inspired by the beauty of courage and by the power of faith in the luminous future. I send joy to you, but this is a special joy, it is the joy of difficulties.

When we shall learn not to be frightened by difficulties, we shall come close to the bearing of achievement. The definition of the Monad is correct. Therefore, besides the material which will be needed for its future human form, the monad requires a a spiritual model, or prototype, for that material to shape itself into; and b an intelligent consciousness to guide its evolution and progress, neither of which is possessed by the homogeneous monad, or by senseless though living matter. The Adam of dust requires the Soul of Life to be breathed into him: the two middle principles, which are the sentient life of the irrational animal and the Human Soul, for the former is irrational without the latter.

Helena Roerich Riga, Uguns, ] Thus, individuality is built gradually, and can only be partially expressed on Earth. It is not of this world or plane, and may be compared only to an indestructible star of divine light and fire, thrown down on to our Earth as a plank of salvation for the personalities in which it indwells. It is for the latter to cling to it; and thus partaking of its divine nature, obtain immortality.

And now with regard to Divine Love, what else can it be but the Great Principle, or the beginning of attraction, or affinity, or that very Fohat in its differentiation as Divine Love Eros , the electric power of affinity and sympathy, allegorically manifested in the attempt to combine the pure spirit, which is a ray inseparable from the One or Absolute, with the soul. These two form the monad in man, whereas in nature it is the first link between the eternally unconditional and the manifested.

I am happy to tell you that I receive the most beautiful reports about your book. It is so pleasing to hear that, after having read your book, young souls are looking to you for leadership. I received your letter a few days ago, and of course I would be very glad to help you. However, I think it is my duty to warn you that I do not agree with many of the statements in the books mentioned by you; moreover, I consider them to be even harmful.

In life we come across bearers of various states of consciousness, and we must follow those responding most closely to our own spiritual and intellectual development. If, therefore, my words shall make you feel indignant, say so, and we shall send a friendly greeting to each other, while each follows his own path. I am not familiar with the doctrine of the Liberal Catholic Church, and am therefore unable to say anything either for or against it. However, I must oppose your remark, and must state that there is only one Hierarchy of Light, which is of course, the Trans-Himalayan Hierarchy.

Just as Light conquers darkness, so does the Hierarchy of Light battle against and defeat the hierarchy of darkness. The latter is very strong, since it acts through a multitude of followers. Not one teacher, living on Earth in ordinary earthly conditions, can be compared with the great Himalayan Masters. Those Masters are so lofty in their spiritual achievement that they are no longer able to accept the burden of purely earthly existence and of a personal, direct leadership of and contact with the masses. That would constitute an unproductive expenditure of forces. Their tasks are planetary-cosmic to such an extent that They can allocate only a portion of Their forces to the direct guidance of certain units of humanity, and therefore They use Their nearest trusted ones and disciples for the purpose of transmitting the spiritual Teaching.

Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 26 April

At the present time, Their main forces are concentrated on the gigantic battle with the destructive dark forces in the Subtle World and on Earth, on staying the clashing of the nations until a certain time, and on suppressing the subterranean fire which threatens to explode our planet. Verily, frightful is the tension of Their forces for the salvation of Earth; while humanity, in its madness, walls up dynamite everywhere.

Thus, because of such small numbers of co-workers on Earth, these selfless Guardians of ungrateful and ignorant humanity have taken completely upon themselves the incredible burden of discharging destructive energies. You write that you want knowledge, knowledge, and again knowledge! I presume you mean spiritual knowledge. If you have the fiery and constant striving toward the one chosen Image of the Hierarch of Light, you will achieve it. And the degree of this knowledge will depend wholly upon the accumulations of your own Chalice in previous lives, and on the power and ardor of your strivings in this life.

If you are to succeed you must remember constantly and ardently with your heart the One Chosen Image. Also, if you wish to practice self-discipline, choose one or two of your worst qualities or habits and try to rid yourself of them. This discipline seems very simple, but in reality is extremely complex and difficult; still it is certainly the most fundamental method. You say that the counsels in Agni Yoga are so scattered that it is difficult to combine them into a system.

However, to this I will say that this is the Teaching of Life in all its complexity, and the counsels were given to the disciples precisely on examples from life, when the circumstances which caused them arose; in this way they could be more easily assimilated. Indeed, the whole of nature demonstrates how a perfect organism develops its organs simultaneously, and not successively.

Thus, the Teaching of Life is so constructed that on each new step the consciousness is able to embrace the greatest possible periphery and thus enter life, yet not be withdrawn from it. In a way, they are an introduction to the Agni Yoga Series, but in essence they actually deal with the majority of questions and aspects of life which are treated in detail and elucidated from different angles in the next volumes of the Teaching.

You are right, the purer the conductor, the easier it is for the Forces of Light to operate through him—indeed, purity of soul is essential. As it is said, purified psychic energy is a panacea for all diseases. Your statement is correct: precisely, the Fire of Space, when realized is transmuted into psychic energy. The so-called principles in us excluding the physical body and the etheric double, which dissipate after death are only aspects, or conditions, of our consciousness.

Indeed all sub-divisions spirit, soul, higher or lower Manas are in reality only various qualities of the same fundamental energy of fire, life or consciousness—the highest aspect of which is psychic energy. Therefore, in order to attain the Fiery World—the world of the higher spirituality—we have to transmute or sublimate the fires of our nerve centers up to their seventh state. Thus, the Fiery World is the world of sublimated feelings or consciousness. Verily not one human feeling disappears; it exists in its subtle condition in the Fiery World and responds to higher attractions and vibrations.

The whole of Cosmos is built upon the septenary principle, therefore, each energy, each manifestation includes in itself its septenary scale of tension and refinement. And now, concerning the Mother of the World, each concept should be considered in its various aspects. Each cosmic principle or manifestation has its reflections or embodiments on Earth. Thus, the Mother of the World, when considered in her cosmic aspect, is Mulaprakriti, the One, all-containing, all-conceiving.

Behind each manifestation, each aspect, and each symbol stands the great Individuality. Thus, each high Individuality has its own substitutes or personifiers, the nearest to it by ray, and sometimes it appears personally in such incarnations. Hence the concept of Avatara. Thus, the high Spirit that was incarnated, let us say, as Isis, Ishtar, etc.

Yes, the period of our planet is now passing through is very grave and tense. Frequent earthquakes have poisoned the atmosphere closest to Earth, and one can expect outbursts of new madnesses in human consciousness. That is why it is so important to spread the books of Living Ethics. It is excellent that you pay attention to various omens—you should write them down. I do not agree with you that eloquence is so essential.

It is not a bad asset, but that is all. Often, an eloquent speaker leaves just a fleeting impression, that is, if the spiritual tension of his aura was insignificant. Whereas two or three words spoken from the heart by a bearer of a luminous aura may transform the one who comes into touch with him.

Thus, the main influence comes not from words, but rather from the quality and the tension of our inner fire. The very presence of such fiery aura in a large and mixed gathering brings soothing accord. It can happen that a mediocre lecturer, for some reason, singularly kindles his audience, and he gives himself the credit for it; but in reality there may have been in the crowd one or two intense harmonious auras, which, by their powerful vibrations, created the atmosphere favorable for perception.

Arhip Ivanovich Kuinji, the teacher of N. Nicholas Roerich. With difficulty, and between lengthy pauses, he could combine only a few words, but by the power of his inner fire, he could make such a tremendous impression with those few words. One must not be disturbed by disagreements between representatives of the various religio-philosophical systems, for out of the friction of opinions fly sparks of one Truth!

However, I would certainly advise you to become more fully acquainted with the Eastern thought; many problems will then be solved easily. The difficulty lies in the fact that the Western mind can hardly, if at all, accept contradictions, whereas this acceptance is considered by the East as precisely the foundation of its philosophical systems, beginning with cosmogony and cosmology and ending with the moral code. Brahman the highest Reality and Maya illusion are one!

Also it is essential to explain what is Samadhi, or the highest spiritual illumination. So much is written about this state by people who have never experienced it, or who have just experienced it in its slightest form. But there are as many gradations of Samadhi as there are degrees of consciousness and cycles of spiritual perfectment. The degree of illumination obtained corresponds always with our spiritual accumulations. Hence the variety in the depth of these illuminations should be made clear.

If the attainment of Samadhi could give us omniscience, then the idea of Infinity would have to be abandoned. Moreover, the consciousness immersed in Samadhi obtains illumination in accordance with its individual accumulations and the spheres accessible to it, and can transfer only a part of these experiences to the physical plane. For the physical organism is unable to respond for a long time to the highest vibrations and impress them upon the brain without ruinous effects. Science has already proven the destructive effect of discrepant vibrations. Thus, a man returning from Samadhi retains certain memories, but this does not imply that he becomes all-knowing and that henceforth he can penetrate into the essence of any event.

He has seen or experienced a certain state of ecstasy or a higher tension of emotion, or he has gained insight into the essence of this or that manifestation. Thus he may have achieved the perception of eternal being, of the highest love, of the beauty of Be-ness, of the unity of all beings, or of his presence in everything and union with all and everything; nevertheless, he will not become omniscient in the earthly sense of the word.

Perceptions in Samadhi are of a different nature; one may come close to the nuomena of things, but on returning to Earth one must study their effects by earthly methods. It is, of course, exceedingly difficult to describe in words the inexpressible. The higher, the more powerful. The more flaming the thought, the more useful the manifestation.

Truly, thought is all-powerful and limitless. Certainly Vivekananda did not achieve complete Samadhi, but, not being sufficiently prepared for it physically, even the degree of Samadhi in which he was immersed brought its sad results. His earthly death was the result of this premature and forcible experience. The human organism of our planetary cycle is still far from such perceptions, and therefore lengthy preparation is needed, not only for this kind of manifestation but also for lesser fiery ones.

The very finest vibrations of the unregulated force of Kundalini may destroy a body which is not trained or tempered for its acceptance. Hence the freedom with which he writes about mechanical methods without clarifying all the dangers connected with such forcing. Thousands of books dealing with easy mechanical methods of developing the hidden lower psychic powers are now thrown upon the world book market. In truth, these ignorant and irresponsible writers are collaborating with the forces of darkness.

The latter want nothing so much as to open certain centers in people and thus get hold of them, and through them to join in earthly life in order to fulfill their dark plans. Indeed they are trying to retain around Earth an atmosphere polluted by the very low emanations necessary for their existence. Without doubt, simple, rhythmic breathing is in itself quite beneficial. People forget not only the benefit to be derived from fresh air but precisely how to breathe correctly, which actually is the foundation of our health. However, the pranayama of Hatha Yoga has nothing to do with such rhythmic breathing.

The pranayama employed by the Hatha Yogis has as its purpose, by means of suspension of breath, rotation and other gymnastics, the arousing and calling forth of an influx of blood to certain centers, thus causing their increased activity. But one can well imagine how harmful it can be for a man to arouse the centers that are in organs which, for some reason, are weakened or even diseased; certainly their diseased condition will only be intensified.

That explains why there are so many unfortunate cases among those who practice pranayama under ignorant and irresponsible teachers. Let us bear in mind that precisely during the transmutation of the centers a tremendous tension and influx of blood toward them take place. The Teacher must know how, at times, to transfer these tensions to a less dangerous place, or to divert the excess of blood, in order to avoid general conflagration and even fiery death. Believe me, the Teacher will not lose a single moment if a disciple is ready for such transmutation, and will provide whatever is necessary for his organism in accordance with his way of life.

I have written enough to my correspondents about the harm of mechanical ways, and about the danger of the development of mediumship. For true discipleship, it is essential to apply the strength of the spirit and to know the truth, rather than to be tempted by all sorts of tricks, accessible to any medium.

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  • After my definition of Samadhi, you can see how relative are illuminations. The concept of Infinity excludes the possibility of ever achieving absolute knowledge, and therein lies the entire grandeur—this is LIFE. Each Manvantara, each cycle has its truth, and humanity is given that portion of it which can be assimilated during that particular cycle. Of course, the Arhats cannot disagree on fundamental principles, but even they are perpetually learning and deepening their knowledge. Is it possible to imagine complete cognition? Surely that would be equivalent to annihilation!

    Indeed, what then would happen with our consciousness, the very essence of which lies in perpetual motion and perception? Infinite is life, and infinite are its perceptions and possibilities. I will conclude my explanation, with joy in the Immeasurable and Unutterable Grandeur. And now regarding the Voice of Silence, or the voice of the Invisible Teacher. Most certainly, this voice may not necessarily be the voice of our higher Ego, but precisely the voice of the Teacher; for these manifestations are almost indissolubly linked with each other. In true spiritual development and not in the case of a medium our higher Ego is indeed receptive to the voice of the Invisible Teacher.

    Therefore, when we begin to hear the voice of the Teacher, we also hear the voice of our higher Ego. Once this formula is firmly realized, the mysticism which attracts you cannot be lost. Truly, we live in Infinity, and one should never lose sight of the significance of this majestic concept. Thus, trust your heart more; this is the only measurement, always and in everything.

    Regarding Mme. Kryjanovsky, for your information I may tell you that the best pages in her books are written, based, and compiled on automatic writings and also on the visions of her blind sister. I was told this by a friend of their family. Besides, she was undoubtedly well acquainted with many occult writings. She certainly read the works of H. Blavatsky, for there is a quotation from The Secret Doctrine in her series of books about the Magi. But it is quite possible that H. At the end of the last century, Western literature, particularly that in English, was enriched by not a small quantity of so-called occult novels, which often testified to the considerable spiritual enlightenment of their authors.

    Certain writers erroneously attempt to make a Celt and a western Initiate out of Rama, this purest Aryan, an Avatar of Vishnu, and the hero of the majestic epic poem the Ramayana. The Cycle of Rama definitely exists, because Rama is an Avatar of Vishnu, and consequently the energies of his spirit nourish the consciousness of humanity for a particular term, or cycle. Of course, his Agarta and the Supreme Pontiff are his peculiar refraction of the great Shambhala and its Lord. It is amusing to see how he mixed existing exoteric legends with the astral accumulations and instructions received by him from astral impersonators.

    He is a victim of irresponsible astral instructors. Thus, the name Vatan, given for a secret language sounds strange to an Orientalist. According to him, he got this word from some initiated Brahmin, but in Arabic, Urdu, and Persian, vatan means motherland. Apparently, St. I have read his biography, and it is obvious that he was not a bad person, but that his mediumistic nature and his interest in spiritualism enfeebled his weak organism, resulting in mental imbalance.

    To show you to what extent the lofty concept of the Stronghold of the Great Brotherhood in its various aspects penetrates and lives in the consciousness of different nations, I will cite for you certain information about a presently existing society in the Far East. This society has many members and, as I understand, accepts even foreigners into its midst. It has its sacred army, which has nothing in common with a military organization. However, it adheres strictly to the established hierarchic principles. Thus, according to their teaching, the world is now facing a crisis, after which its spiritual regeneration, or rather new birth, may be expected.

    Thus, all sorts of conferences, conflicts, all sorts of attractions and repulsions are greatly on the increase. The second period of the Omens—political and economic failures due to international psychology. The first period of constructiveness—the enlightened reign of the Heavenly Emperor in the world, governmental order marked by monism of the religious cult and of the affairs of state. This will be a hegemony of Light over the world, dispensed by the Heavenly Emperor through the establishment of inviolable institutions of power, which by that time will be in effect.

    This enlightened reign will be expressed by a special term. The second period of constructiveness—the coming of divinely inspired rulers, representatives of science, technology, etc. At present, according to the members of this society, the world is in the second of the stages mentioned above. The prophets of this movement speak of the new world as the kingdom of Spirit, through direct communion of men with gods. This, they say, will be an earthly life without disease and hardships; life illumined by the light of Truth, Goodness, Beauty, Joy, and Love; life directed by the Heavenly Emperor on the principle of justice.

    In all this, the most remarkable thing is that this Great Plan was, they say, conceived many thousands of years ago and the Central World Encampment of the Great Gods upon the Sacred Mountain, where gods gather together, and its earthly projection is the mountain of this holy vicinity. So you can see how a great thought is refracted by all nations, and inevitably each one of them attributes the main role to its own people and country. Do not blame T. The deliberately distorted ideas regarding Russia held even today by foreigners only reveal their ignorance.

    For the majority of foreigners, Russia was and is a country of vandalism, all sorts of violations and license, and, above all, of profound ignorance. Even the best minds believe that Russia has not progressed very far since the times of Ivan the Terrible. Civilization has supplanted the meaning of culture, and many do not understand that one can be a civilized savage. People forget that the accumulations of culture are gathered over centuries, whereas civilization can be established in one decade.

    It is true that there cannot be any disagreement among the Arhats, for the truth they know is the truth attainable by the spirit who has completed his self-perfectment not only for Earth but also for the highest planets of our solar system. In The Mahatma Letters to A. Only, … he will be re-born in the highest—the seventh ring of the upper planet. And so I shall finish this letter rejoicing at the Immeasurable and Unutterable Grandeur.

    It is most essential to point out the difference between mediumship, psychism and true spiritual development. Much harm has been done by books about all kinds of Hatha Yoga exercises. What ignorance is displayed in thinking that the highest and subtlest can be achieved by purely mechanical methods!

    You are quite right when you say that people, in striving for spiritual development which to them so often means the achievement of psychic powers , forget that without active service to the General Good this development will be one-sided and unstable. Our inner fires are kindled only through contact with people. Only thus can we test ourselves; only thus shall we be able to sharpen and temper the blade of our spirit.

    Undoubtedly, certain isolation and periodic retreat is essential for the restoration of our forces. However, constant seclusion will never provide that tension of our forces which alone can bring their refinement. Many statements in the Teaching confirm this. Therefore, in the new evolution the former artificial methods must be abandoned. We are absolutely averse to monasteries, for they are the antithesis of life. Thus, if we study the lives of the Great Teachers of humanity, we shall discover that none of them shut themselves off from life, but poured all their forces, spiritual and physical, into the service of the General Good.

    Thus, in everything let us follow these great examples in a lofty attainment of self-renunciation. The crown of self-renunciation is glorious! We can only be enraptured by their radiance. Let us remember that They, and also the Lord Maitreya, came from Venus at the dawn of the formation of physical man, therefore They are our Divine Forefathers and Masters. Now, about St. His books are a strange mixture of fragments of truth with errors. Certainly, to those unacquainted with Eastern thought, and who are approaching the Teaching of Living Ethics for the first time, one must give only as much as their consciousness is ready to assimilate.

    Disillusioning people or shattering their point of view is only permissible when great caution is used. We can do it gradually by suggesting fragments of new thought, by a gradual process of broadening the consciousness; but it is dangerous to make a too abrupt break. To be sure, for some people books like the novels of Kryjanovsky or the fantasies of St.

    Only strong spirits, unattached to earthly things, are able to face the truth in all its superterrestrial beauty. But it is inadmissible to open the eyes by force. And now something else. Suggestion, if applied with force for the purpose of gain, is not only interference in karma but is plainly criminal.

    Whereas if we inspire and call forth lofty thoughts in man and his finer essence, or if we can restrain him from vice, such action is, of course, benevolent. If, while doing good, we take a certain part of karma upon ourselves, such karma surely does not encumber our spiritual progress. Only the Arhat knows where and when he must not help; as for ourselves, we should stretch forth a helping hand whenever our heart tells us to do so.

    While doing this, however, we must always remember the law of commensurability and goal-fitness, also, that spiritual help is the highest. There are some people who think they should give everything away, thereby making themselves dependent upon others! Madness doth so remain. Thus, if we refuse to help, we might thereby increase the interest on our debt with accumulating interest. Will this not be an act of the greatest egoism or selfhood? But of course one must learn to discriminate at the same time, since often one may help the undeserving and refuse the one truly in need.

    Here, as well, the heart is the only judge. Thus, if the help required is within our power, we should render it. Precisely, thought and inner motives weave our aura, which is a magnetic field that either attracts or repels possibilities. Indeed, thought-motive—this decisive factor of our karma—is often overlooked by those who discuss karma. But were it otherwise, it would be impossible to break the magic circle of causes and effects. For all is karma and all is held by karma.

    However, when we finish one round of karma for a certain cycle, we start a new round on other planes and worlds, and so unto Infinity. When the conclusion of karma is spoken of, it means that karma is ended only for a certain cycle or planet, etc. Such a spirit, depending upon his mission, either stays in the higher spheres around Earth or leaves for the higher worlds. Thus, thought is the primary cause and the crown of all creation. Thoughts rule the world, consequently they rule karma. Do not be unhappy because of the necessity for spending so much time earning your living.

    We must all earn our bread. Indeed, all should be accomplished without retiring from life and by earthly hands and feet. Therein lies great beauty. Is labor performed in comfort and prosperity of great value? And do we ever hear much about such labor? No, all the giants of thought created amidst most trying circumstances. The work performed in ease and affluence cannot bring about the necessary tension of all the centers.

    Verily, material prosperity and ease are our most dangerous enemies. Nothing extinguishes the inner fire so quickly as security for the morrow. We do not know such security, and we work on the border of exigency and possibilities. However, at a difficult moment, when all our forces are tensed, when we have applied all our resourcefulness, help comes, but at the last moment—such is the law. All earthly burdens are necessary for the growth of the spirit.

    Thus, the best flowers of joy grow beside thorny roads. In time, new conditions will come into existence and the tasks will become broader. Possibly there will no longer be worries about earning a living, but there will be new problems, far more complicated and difficult.

    But if the Image of the Teacher lives in our hearts, can we worry about tomorrow! That which is considered the worst, from a human point of view, sometimes becomes our salvation and a step toward new possibilities. Verily, if our service is unselfish, not one hair will fall from our heads without the knowledge of the Great Teacher. Unselfish service, sincere devotion, and gratitude weave a strong thread by which all that is needful comes to us. Thus, let us courageously meet the inevitable trials, and let us nurture the spirit through communion with seekers of Light.

    Events are ripening, one may expect many changes. But if we serve the great Light, the most destructive wave can only bear us upwards. Let us, therefore, in complete confidence in the Leading Hand create the light-bearing work. I received your call and am ready to respond as far as is in my power.

    Spiritual help is indeed the highest, and I shall be happy if I can give you such help. However, a certain unification of consciousnesses and contact on the mental plane is quite essential. Perhaps between their consciousnesses only a few small links are missing, yet this small difference forces the cogwheels of thinking to turn differently, with the result that altogether different levers are set in motion.

    Nevertheless, I still wait for the Teacher! Thus, let us go over your disappointments together and transmute them into accumulation of the great life experience, in the furnace of which our spiritual essence is conceived and strengthened. And so, I would like you to establish a clear point of view toward all disappointments. Should one be terrified by the destruction of illusions? Each broken illusion is another step of knowledge. True knowledge is austere, as is the spiritual path, and only the spiritually strong can hope to approach the path of accelerated spiritual development.

    Moreover, this path can never be eased, since only suffering, only personal tension can transmute our energies and give them the necessary balance. But blessed is he whose heart is aflame with the exaltation of heroic achievement; supernal joy becomes his lot. Thus, kindle all the fires of your heart, and exaltation of the spirit will be yours.

    You are right, it is most essential at present to think about podvig [The word podvig is untranslatable from the Russian. I means a great or heroic deed plus spiritual achievement. Life is meaningless without podvig. And how expressive is the Russian word podvig , indeed, it has no equivalent in European languages. In this word there is a whole sense, the whole quality of aspiring action forward toward self-sacrificing podvig , into the future, into evolution!

    Letters From Carmel

    I am happy to hear so many good reports about your book. I definitely know that it gave joy to all those who read it. The only obstacle is that our Russian readers are so very poor! But let nothing disturb you; just go ahead with your useful activities. Did you know that the year has been prolific in lunar and solar eclipses? Thus, the second half of June and the beginning of July brought three eclipses, and the last solar eclipse will take place in December, about Christmas time.

    Eclipses are always followed by cosmic perturbations and by all sorts of madnesses in the world. This explains the poor condition of my health during all of this year, although there have also been other weighty reasons for it. The true natures of people are now being revealed everywhere, and this could be called the purification of space.

    Of course, knowing the occult laws, in accordance with which our inner essence is revealed when we approach the Teaching and the Aura of the Great Teacher, and understanding the entire danger of infection by obsession, particularly in the case of inherent mediumship, we really should not be astonished. Nevertheless, great is our grief when we see how, under the dark hand of the obsessor, the flower of the spirit withers and terrible betrayal creeps into the very heart of the structure of Light. But we shall live through this also. The year was mentioned in many prophecies as the year of the personal battle between the Archangel Michael and the Dragon.

    Thus, in spite of everything, courage and the joy of a new battle for Light abide in our hearts. And is podvig possible without difficulties? I am very fond of the words of the remarkable Tibetan sage, Milarepa, who practiced great austerities. When people begged him to have pity on himself and stop leading such a hard life, he said that as all of us are subject to death, he preferred to die in pursuit of a beautiful goal.

    Verily, if even one hundred people could realize the wisdom of this formula and would apply it in life, the world could be transformed in the shortest time. Thus, we shall fight for Light to the last drop of our blood, to our last breath. And you also should not be disturbed by anything. With flaming joy, take advantage of every possibility of contributing your share to the purification and improvement of human thinking. Many miracles come into our life, many affirmations.

    Therefore even the darkest betrayals and attempts to ruin our works cannot frighten us. The years and especially with their seven lunar and solar eclipses were quite exceptional in the number of dark omens. Thus, betrayal crept into the very heart of a luminous structure with an attempt to destroy what had been built by such pure striving and such flaming spirit.

    The enemy took advantage of the absence of N. Now the masks have fallen and the true faces are revealed. Of course we should not be astonished, for we know the immutable occult laws, under which when we approach the Teaching of Light and turn to the Great Teachers, our whole inner nature is revealed with a special force. Likewise, we know how liable to the danger of obsession one becomes if one allows oneself to give in to dark thoughts and insincerity, particularly when there is inherent mediumship. And yet, the heart grieves when we encounter such actions after fourteen years of close collaboration.

    Of course, at the very beginning of our work we received many repeated warnings and hints about a betrayal that might come after the promotion of certain people. The promotion took place, and their spirit failed. Ambition and cupidity are dreadful scourges—even giants are cast down precipices by them.


    And so, we drink the chalice of poison tendered by the hands of our former co-workers. But in spite of this, strength and courage live in our hearts. For what is achievement without betrayal? The symbol of Judas is eternal and is inevitably present at the consummation of a great achievement. But after Golgotha comes the resurrection and the great exaltation of the spirit. This was indicated in all the Mysteries, therefore, even joy is aflame in our hearts. We know the Great Pledge of the Stronghold of Light, we measure the signs of Trust, and we know the victorious Shield.

    Our spirit cannot be frightened by any battles; we even have learned to love them, because what else can so temper the spirit and test our abilities and bring us great experience for the crown of fulfillment? Most of all, however, is the flying one hated. Only the kings of the spirit are aware of all the grandeur and immutability of this cosmic law, the majority always rise against it. Indeed, the refinement of the spirit is indicated precisely by its ability to revere lofty values.

    And so, courageously and joyously we begin the new battle for the Light of the new consciousness in the coming era with complete confidence in the predestined final victory. I received with joy the wonderful message of your heart, in which you expressed your devotion to the Great Teacher. Toward the end of my life on earth I was popping Oxycodone like it was candy, and when God finally pulled the plug, I died lying naked in my bathtub.

    I regret that I did not pay attention to the Word of God. If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are. I was born with a handicap. By that I mean my parents were great providers, but since they were not believers in Christ, they could not nurture me and my two brothers as we needed. Early in life I became infested with demons, the worst of them was an arrested development spirit. As a teenager I was exposed to the Gospel and gladly responded, but there was no follow-up, and no attention was paid to the demons in my body.

    God gave me a great mind and I had an intelligence that made it possible for me to learn quickly and reason out all kind of mathematical challenges. Instead of using this gift wisely, I became lazy and learned just enough to pass high school, get into college and eventually get a doctorate in chemistry. As I grew older I studied all kind of religions, including the occult and New Age. I practiced some yoga and tried to get into Buddhism. This pushed me further and further away from God and I became a very arrogant person.

    Early on I got into pornography which was a gateway that led me into masturbation and fornication with a number of women. I also developed a strong taste for alcohol, and when I married my first wife, we were both heavy drinkers. Instead of seeking God and crying out for help, I wanted to become rich and started a number of businesses which eventually failed.

    My wife had enough of my rage and arrogance and divorced me. Instead of seeking God, I decided to fly to Amsterdam since I was of Dutch heritage and partake in the whores and drugs which are legal in Holland. I drunk myself into oblivion and used the whorehouses, but instead of getting some kind of relieve, the pain in my soul only got worse.

    I came back to the United States without any money and began to seduce rich older women. I courted the women, bedded them and gained access to their bank accounts and used the money in various business ventures. After a while the women would realize I was a jerk and kick me out but not before I had used their money. Eventually I ended up in the state of Washington and one day I drove my car to a lonely place and put a shotgun in my mouth and was ready to pull the trigger when I heard the voice of God telling me there was a better way to get the peace I sought. All I needed to do was come back to him.

    I contacted a mega-church in Texas and met some believers in Christ who started to minister to me and tried to drive out the demons. But once again my sin nature took over and I found a woman in the church that felt sorry for me and in no time I slept with her and gained access to her money. Instead of being delivered from the demons, I destroyed a Christian woman who was already weak. After this all hell broke loose in my soul and someone told me that I had an arrested development spirit that had kept me restrained as a child on an emotional level.

    I realized this was true and searched the Internet to find out more about this type of demon. Torell came up. To his credit, John said he could help and told me to come to Sacramento, California. I loaded up my car and drove almost non-stop to Sacramento. I had no place to stay and no money left after this trip, but Pastor John had asked a Christian brother to provide me room and board.

    And so began another chapter in my life. Michael was the complete antithesis of me. He was uneducated and did not know how to read and write but was on fire for the Lord. He worked in the construction industry as a carpenter and concrete finisher. He was not an intellectual person and his favorite television programs were sitcoms and cartoons. When the process for my deliverance started, I was not prepared for what would happen next.

    Pastor John told me that this was the normal procedure for someone going through deliverance and that it would take some time to recover. After a few weeks I started my personal follow-up program with Pastor John. We spent at least hours going through his book, Christian Dynamics Course 3, getting personal counseling and teaching of Bible doctrine.

    I got better little by little and started to work for Michael doing concrete work. I attended church and I learned a lot. Michael and a woman named Pamela had also gone through deliverance a few months earlier, and we formed the class of I was humble and happy to be growing spiritually. The people in church were nice to me during my stay in the Sacramento area and I was invited to have dinner with a number of families. I spent a lot of time with Sotiris and his wife since he had been part of the deliverance team and wanted to make sure that I stayed on the right path.

    He always gave me fatherly advice and was always willing to pray for me. After about six months my old self started to surface and I told Pastor John that I was tired of living in Yuba City, which to me was nothing but a hick town. I wanted more refined city life such as would be found in Sacramento.

    Instead of being thankful that Michael had given me room and board and put fuel in my car, I resented him because he was not an intellectual like me. This is how Satan got a foothold back into my life. Pastor John had a friend named Owen who owned an apartment building in downtown Sacramento. Owen was a strong Christian who agreed to let me rent a one bedroom apartment with no deposit or last month rent since I was bankrupt and had no credit. I was able to get a part time job in a telephone call center and it gave me enough money to pay rent, buy food and put fuel in my car.

    The apartment I had rented was rundown and again resentment began to build. I complained to Pastor John that Owen was nothing but a greedy slumlord even though I was getting free food from him from time to time. In my heart I resented Owen as just another stupid Christian with no intelligence.

    I lived in a two story apartment building and the woman living above me was practicing Buddhism. Pastor John warned about not getting involved with her but I refused to listen to him.

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    I started to visit her apartment and she came to mine and in no time we were engaging in sexual intercourse. Once again I was loaded with demons and told Pastor John that I wanted to repent and have the demons cast out. I broke off the relationship and the Buddhist woman learned a bitter lesson after I violated her, took some of her money and dumped her. I came back to church and started to give testimonies and remember crying when I told people how good God was to me.

    I got some more counseling with Pastor John who encouraged me to apply for a job as a substitute teacher in high school or college. This was something I liked to do and God answered our prayers. With more money coming in, I was able to buy better clothing, eat better and join a local gym. As time progressed, two things made me discontent again. First, I felt Pastor John was not running the ministry the way it should be, and two, it was beneath my intellect to take advice from him.

    I was critical about everything in the ministry and told others that I was unhappy with the church. I felt he was completely wrong when it came to end times doctrine. How was he supposed to compare to me when I had a doctorate in chemistry and superior intellect. Eventually I became a backbiter to the point that I would speak negatively about Owen to Pastor John and vice versa. Demons began to stir up my sexual appetite and I wanted another woman. I found a single nurse that was my age range living in the San Francisco area. Betty was not a Christian and into the New Age but that did not hinder me from pursuing her with the same predictable results.

    We became sexually involved and she opened her bank account to me. I had by now grieved the Holy Spirit to the point that I was not even convicted over my sins. I decided to get away from Sacramento and that irritating church. I was able to land a regular teaching contract at a college in the city of Novato. By this time I was drinking alcohol again and pretty much lived like I had done before my deliverance. I was an entrepreneur with a lot of business ideas and a chiropractor in the church I attended agreed to fund one of them. I was certain that the good times were back with this new business venture and my sinful sexual relationship with Betty.

    It seemed like everything was lining up perfectly but God wanted to give me another chance to repent and salvage my life on earth. The Holy Spirit spoke to Sotiris, who repeatedly warned me of my actions when he came to visit me. One day he asked Michael to accompany him on a trip to see me, and when they were in the area, they called for directions to where I lived.

    My sickness was not physical; I was spiritually sick because of my sinful living. They had driven two hours to come to pray for me, and at that time, I could not have cared less that they spent four hours in a car to reach a backslidden brother in Christ. Since my arrival in heaven, I was told by the Holy Spirit that He never again spoke to Sotiris to pray for me. Yet, God was still watching me and sometime later I started having bowel problems.

    It continued to get worse and eventually I had to see a doctor. I was angry when I found out that I had colon cancer. My response was completely selfish when I thought of how this would impact my sex life. Instead of repenting and seeking God, I decided to fight the cancer with surgery and use natural healing agents.

    Eventually I got better and one day I received an unwanted phone call from Pastor John, who had been told about my cancer by Betty. He was rude when he declared that I had to stop sinning by bedding down women and taking their money. I was so angry that I told him never to speak to me again and ended the conversation. I did not have the discernment to understand that he was speaking on behalf of God and this was my final warning.

    Another year or so passed and the physical pain returned.

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