Poetry in the classroom: Für Gymnasium Unter- und Mittelstufe

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Or is it lacking courage to approach a topic that seems to be unpopular?


It is up to teachers to either inspire or discourage pupils when it comes to poetry. This inspiration or discouragement may last a lifetime.

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But in the time of events like literature and poetry slams, which are highly enjoyed by many pupils and students, it should be worth re-thinking the attitude about poetry and to bring poetry to the classrooms. Learn more. If you have previously obtained access with your personal account, Please log in.

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Not necessarily explicitly poetry, but poetry suits and covers many aspects and demands of the curriculum well and should therefore not be neglected. As shortly described in the previous chapter, pupils in years nine and above should posses enough knowledge about the English language to work with original, authentic poetry. However, this does not imply that poems cannot be used as teaching, respective learning, methods also in lower years.

Aligned to the age of the pupils there are many poems and methods that support the language learning process, even for pupils in year five.

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One part of the language learning process is the learning of vocabulary, the meaning, the pronunciation and the use of unknown words or phrases. However, it is easier to learn and to remember new words and phrases in a holistic approach, when the learning process is supported by rhyme, rhythm, movements, music, emotion, or association [15]. Especially since brain systems save words in many different nets it is absolutely helpful to activate many senses when learning [16].

1. Introduction

When it comes to rhyme and rhythm poems provide many possibilities to remember new words. Of course, the meaning of poetry in the classroom goes beyond learning vocabulary. When working with poetry pupils often have to complement or explain what is indicated but not described in the poem, they need to form hypothesis and need to justify and re-evaluate them, this process should lead to communication and discussions in the classroom [19].

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Often poems illustrate emotions and experiences that pupils experience themselves. Discussing such poems in the classroom helps pupils to develop and work with empathy [20]. Ansgar and Surkamp give another valuable reason for teachers to work with poetry: The usually short lengths of poems make them universally applicable, as a single unit, as an introductory or complementary unit or as short time-fillers without taking too much time to prepare [21]. Englische Literatur unterrichten 1.

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