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In this six-week instructional series, tweens will learn yoga poses, meditation techniques, and breathing exercises. Yoga and meditation are a terrific way to relieve stress and increase focus and concentration. This children's class is open to South Brunswick Public Library cardholding families. The Coffee and Conversation Book Discussion Group usually meets on the second or third Wednesday of every month at p.

The group is open to anyone. Interlibrary loans can take several weeks to obtain so please request your copy with enough time to enjoy reading the selection. This two-session class will go over the basics of how to code using this technique. On day two, we will do a deep dive and develop a program that could brute force decrypt messages in Caesar ciphers. Registration required, covers both sessions. Attendees must be 16 years or older. Reading to a therapy dog helps to develop reading confidence and build literacy skills. This program will now welcome walk-ins! Registration no longer required.

Ever wanted to see a moon rock as a kid? Well, now you can make your own version of one with some basic household ingredients using our simple recipe. You'll love this fun space-themed project! Registration is not required but space is limited and will be given on a first come, first served basis. Run the Race , Rated PG, minutes. Directed by Chris Dowling. The story of two desperate brothers willing to sacrifice today for a better tomorrow. Reeling from his mother's death and his father's abandonment, Zach finds glory on the football field, working to earn a college scholarship and the brothers' ticket out of town.

But when a devastating injury puts Zach and his dreams on the sidelines, his brother David laces up his track cleats to salvage their future and point Zach toward hope. The class will be geared towards beginners and returning students with some experience. You are not considered registered until payment is received. We are sorry, but cash is no longer accepted. Register now; space is limited.

A minimum of four students required to be registered and paid for the class to be offered. Practice your English in a casual, supportive environment. Learn the ins and outs of spoken English and practice speaking on a variety of topics. All are welcome, but those who have some experience speaking English may find this class especially helpful. Registration is required - go to www. Our youngest friends will listen to fun songs and engage in interactive fingerplay games. Social interaction, physical coordination, and musical playtime set the stage for early childhood learning!

Engaging story-telling, merry music, literacy activities, and fun action games await preschoolers in a lively and energetic class that establishes the foundation of reading, reinforces creativity, and builds strong social skills. In this interactive workshop, super preschoolers engage their imagination and develop important motor and spatial skills by making a simple craft! Join us every Thursday afternoon from to approximately Coordinated by South Brunswick teen volunteers. There will be no class on July 4. Who says creativity can't be edible?

Not us, that's for sure! Learn how to make quick puff pastry, and then use it to make the famous Portuguese Pasteis de Nata sweet egg tarts. Class includes demo, recipes, tips, and tastings. Registration required. Please note Kitchen Lab registration fees are no longer refundable for any reason. Waiver must be signed in class. We're bringing back the RLA! What is it? Join us! Interactive projects incorporate such themes as robotics, computer programming, LEGO challenges, coding, and more!?

Space is limited. First come first seated. Please plan to arrive 5 minutes before the program starts. To avoid disruption to the flow of this instructional program, late comers will not be admitted once the program has started. Program is open to South Brunswick library cardholding families. Get ready for our biggest and best Family Fun Festival ever!

15 Online "Camps" Fill Kids' Summer with Learning Adventures

More games, more prizes, bouncier attractions, and bigger tween competitions will be waiting alongside a host of South Brunswick businesses and organizations! This party is too big for the library! Join us at Beech Woods Park for all the fun! Take a break from the ordinary and learn how to see things through a new lens. Weather permitting, we'll go outside and capture the little things that take photos from "Oh, how nice" to "Wow! Love games? Join us as we play, chat about and challenge each other on our favorite games. All summer long, children and families can enjoy our "out-of-this-world" collection of space-tacular movies on the library's gigantic projector screen!

Would you love to have a spa day at home? Join us as we create bath bombs and sugar scrubs in the Cafe. Registration is required. The group meets to knit, crochet and do other fiber arts and to share tips, patterns, and good conversation. No registration is necessary. Come release your inner child and enjoy a cup of tea!

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This active, first-step children's class encourages discovery, teaches social engagement, and develops listening comprehension through storytelling, singing, theme repetition, and vocal play! Walkers, talkers, singers, and stompers are all welcome. Both our am and pm Terrific Toddlers programs on Tuesday are identical.

Please plan to attend only one of these storytime classes. Walkers, talkers, singers, and stompers of all kinds are welcome. Learn how to create 3D objects in this hands-on workshop. Must be 13 or older, unless accompanied by a parent.

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If you would like to attend with your own laptop or observe the class, please contact rmarsola sbpl. Do you think you have what it takes to be an astronaut? Tweens will take part in various activities and out-of-this-world challenges. First come first served. This tween workshop is open to South Brunswick Public Library cardholding families. What is musicislife? It's an acknowledgement of the power of music, and it's a club dedicated to exploring all kinds of music and sharing the music that touches us.

Each month we will focus on a kind of music, feel free to come and share or just expand your musical horizons. Heba Elkhateeb, professor of English Writing and Literature, Rutgers University, will facilitate a discussion after the film. Elkhteeb serves on the Boards of the Islamic Society of Central Jersey and the Noor-Ul-Iman school and facilitates interfaith dialogues and public forums about the Muslim faith.

This group is about supporting each other and being a safe place for teens to talk or listen. Have you ever wondered how to learn more about a particular disease, find a study about a particular health topic, or locate and evaluate quality information sources?

Discover authoritative and educational resources on health in this class. Registration required, adults only. Do you love playing with slime? Have you ever wanted to learn how to make it yourself? Despite lasting only one season, the original series resonated with a legacy of eternal reruns, lunch boxes, board games, and kids racing around jungle gyms shouting "By! The show's creator, Glen Larson, took elements of his own Mormon beliefs, mixed them with Greek and Roman myths, added in some Old Testament stuff and shot it into orbit.

The result is a meaty fictional universe that was too cool for just one show. Torchwood wasn't the only Doctor Who spin-off, but it was certainly the best—the only one whose title was an anagram of the original show. Set in Cardiff, Wales, at an extra-government agency that investigates alien encounters and otherworldly technology, Torchwood is a juicy, supernatural mystery of the week with a science-fiction bent.

Starring John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, a roguish time traveller from the 51st century, there's more gruesome violence and steamy sex on Torchwood than on most of the other shows on this list, but it still has the clever writing and panache we've come to expect from British productions. The show wrapped up nicely in late , but this is British TV. You never know when something is going to reawaken. This genre mash-up anime from the mind of Shinichro Watanabe came out of Japan in the late s. Its 26 episodes continue to loop on late-night cable to this day.

In not that far away anymore , early usage of hyperspace gateways destroys the moon and makes Earth almost uninhabitable. Mars becomes the new center of the solar system, with colonies on other planets and satellites. With a dispersed government, an Old West style of private law enforcement springs up, and that's where the ragtag team of bounty hunters called cowboys aboard the ship Bebop comes into play.

Mixing cybernetic martial arts masters, teen hackers, a sexy pilot with a debilitating gambling addiction, and a hyper-intelligent dog yes, you read that correctly Cowboy Bebop snaps its fingers to its own beat, mixing up the conventions of Westerns, samurai films, film noir and tech-heavy hard sci-fi. Recommended viewing for 3 am. This British series spans 11 seasons across 25 years to tell the long, winding tale of Dave Lister , a none-too-polished repairman who ends up as the last human being in the universe. Awakened after three million years of stasis following a radiation leak aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf, Lister, along with the "computer senile" ship AI Holly, a holographic projection of his boss Arnold, and a hyper-evolved version of his pet cat called The Cat , gallivants throughout space.

The crew eventually teams with Kryten 2X4B — P, a slave robot with a guilty conscience whose face resembles a Cubist painting. Red Dwarf is comedy first, but it doesn't slouch on sci-fi. No matter what insanity the crew encounters, the source of the problem always seems to point back to Earth despite all the strange creatures, there are no aliens.

Some say superhero shows aren't sci-fi. I say "you should use the scientific method as well as Barry Allen!. With the show based around S.

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Labs, though, there's at least a nod to underlying science to all these wacky powers, so you don't have to feel like you are just watching a live action cartoon. Moreover, you don't need to be fluent in the rest of the Arrowverse. This early s anime focuses on Public Security Section 9 and its ongoing investigation of expert hacker The Laughing Man. The collected crew consists of partial and complete cyborgs using all sorts of hyper-fetishized tech to battle corrupt government officials and domestic terrorists.

I'm not sure how to describe the Tachikomas, the quasi-sentient tanks with a collectivized memory that kinda look like sci-fi versions of "Chairy" from Pee-wee's Playhouse. Suffice to say there's no other series out there so drenched in the aesthetic of both the Matrix movies and the William Gibson Sprawl trilogy. The Max Headroom character started as a postmodern, cyberpunk talk-show host in Britain. An "origin story" telefilm—something of a satirical, media-saturated —explained how news producer Edison Carter got "in too deep" with the oligarchical television networks and was downloaded to a computer.

This show was then reworked for a prime-time series on a major American network, proving that, sometimes, producers do take chances. The mix of exaggerated production design, paranoia and British wit somehow connected with the Zeitgeist. This all lasted for about 15 minutes. For four seasons in the early 00s , those who were hip enough to know about this Australian-produced space opera got to follow the adventures of lost NASA astronaut John Crichton, a living ship known as Moya, and the not-so-peaceful Peacekeepers.

Farscape featured creature design by the Jim Henson company, and two characters, the mustachioed Rygel and the fungal-topped squid-lookin' Pilot, were full-on animatronic puppets. A fan favorite was Zhaan, a blue-skinned sentient plant in humanoid form called a Delvian and a priestess in that culture's religion that can attain, through spiritual enlightenment, varying degrees of telekinetic powers.

Farscape was a show that reveled in being weird. More than one episode was told from the point of view of John Crichton's fractured memory, one time including Roger Rabbit—esque animation. And the producers weren't afraid to kill off key characters. A lab accident sends Bakula's Sam Beckett on a tour of his lifetime, where he temporarily inhabits the body of different people for a little while.

Remember when he became Lee Harvey Oswald? Or Marilyn Monroe's chauffeur? Or a glam-rocker? Or a chimpanzee named Bobo in the space program? For many in the U. Speed Racer was too earthbound and Gigantor , while great, didn't have the same punch. Re-edited and dubbed from the popular Space Battleship Yamato , the color-coded space rangers, zooming ships, and rich laser blasts turned TV sets into a swirling mix of eye candy. Battle of the Planets and Robotech repeated this show's basic formula, but there's something about a first love that sticks with you.

The Earth of Star Blazers is under siege from Gamilon, whose meteor attacks force the population underground. With just one year before radiation destroys what is left of the planet, the sunken ship Yamato is transformed into the Argo in hopes of reaching Queen Starsha of Iscandar, who offers help. She's hundreds of thousands of light-years away, but she sends instructions to build a faster-than-light engine called the Wave Motion Engine.

LEAVING THE PLANET - Subnautica - Part 16 END (Full Release)

The American version was tweaked for the kiddies Dr. Sane isn't just drinking spring water and acting silly—he's actually tanked on sake.

Top Animated Series -

But the fact that this was a serialized story with really high stakes was quite bold for the time. There aren't too many examples of a successful marriage of science fiction and comedy. Yet laugh per laugh, nothing has ever topped Futurama , the spoof-heavy but not spoof-reliant animated series from Simpsons creator Matt Groening. Doofus pizza-delivery boy Fry falls into a cryogenic tube for a thousand years, waking up to a world of hedonistic robots, cyclops bombshells, and limbo-loving manwich-eaters.

The key to Futurama's success is that it is clearly written by sci-fi nerds who genuinely love the form. Episodes like the "The Farnsworth Parabox" scramble your brains with fifth-dimensional theories while also telling dumb jokes. Set on a gigantic diplomatic space station, Babylon 5 sees its humans mix with Minbari, Vorlons, Centauri and Narn, as well as representatives of the Non-Aligned Worlds, all of whom had unique relationships with one another. The few scripts he didn't write fell to heavy hitters such as D.

Fontana, David Gerrold and Neil Gaiman. Few shows of any genre can compare to Babylon 5 's complex backstory and depth of mythology. Straczynski developed each of the five seasons like a novel within a larger saga. The show tackled issues including ethnocentrism, the pros and cons of patriotism, addiction, homophobia or lack of it and religious tolerance.

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It was devised as a show for grown-ups—not a whiz-bang utopia but a reasonably believable vision of what a future world with aliens might look like. Perhaps, but please send any complaints to the Gizmonic Institute. So a gumball machine, a bowling pin, and a human are condemned to deep space where they must watch horrible, low-rent movies, many of which are science fiction. However, to take them home, she and Boots are required to collect keys to open the space gate, leading to the saturn planet. The game is unique in that it uses pictures and symbols to communicate rather than words.

The object of the game is to capture one of the six explorer stars. Each explorer star has a special power such as the ability to be noisy or the ability to create music.

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In order to capture the star, the player must complete a hide-and-seek activity. These activities include maze navigation, matching games, side-scrolling race games, a " Frogger "-type game, a complete-the-pattern activity and a song playing game. Dora Puppy is a puppy simulator where players must help Dora take care of her puppy, Perrito, and help train him for doggie competitions. All the actions are performed by either tracing certain shapes with the stylus or calling out commands into the DS's microphone.

It was published by 2K Play in They may be sorting cookies into numbered groups or counting out different amounts of ingredients. It stars Dora as a year-old who goes on city adventures with the Explorer Girls, accompanied by a male pal named Pablo. The series had two seasons 20 episodes each and aired on Nickelodeon from August 8, to February 5, On October 23, , it was announced that a live-action film adaptation, titled Dora and the Lost City of Gold , is in the works at Paramount Players and is slated for an August 9, release.

Dora's cousin Diego is also confirmed to be a character in the film. On May 2, Isabela Moner was announced to portray the titular character. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American animated television series. Main article: List of Dora the Explorer episodes. Main article: List of Dora the Explorer home video releases. Main article: Dora the Explorer video game series. Nickelodeon portal. The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved October 23, Dora the Explorer. Season 1. Episode August 29, Event occurs at Season 7. Episode 8. October 16, November 19, Retrieved 15 October ABC News.

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